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Chinese Silkies

what the experts once said.

Chinese Silkies are believed to have originated in Asia, although despite the name, it is unclear whether it was in China, Japan or Nepal

It only takes one look at this chicken to see how it got its name. This soft, hairy-feathered fowl looks unlike most other poultry. The Silkie's feathers lack barbs which would otherwise hold the strands together, thus the individual strands sit free of each other. This is what gives the bird a soft and, well a silky appearance that I love.
Chinese Silkies for sale

Both bearded and non-bearded Silkies have a feathery crest, like a powder puff, and a fleshy comb on top of the head. The cock's comb is much, much larger than the hens. However the comb doesn't look like what you might see on other types of fowl. A Silkie's comb (called a rose or cushion comb) resembles a wart-like lump on the bird's forehead rather than the spiky appendage one would normally imagine. Striking blue coloured lobes also adorn the ears. Silkies differ from other fowls in that they have dark flesh and five toes.
Silkies are not repeat layers and will stop laying through winter. Expect an average of 90 to 120 eggs per year. A Silkie hen will comfortably raise 6 to 8 chicks. Silkies have an average lifespan of 8 to 9 years.

what i say...

I love my Silkies, they are a  popular pet because they have a very mild temperament. They're affectionate, tame, quiet and happy to be handled.  

My Silkies run under my feet every time I pop into the pen, they are not shy & love to eat scraps.  

I have found most of them to be excellent mothers - but they do tend to go broody quite alot, that doesnt worry me though.  They have small light brown or white eggs - that make excellent omelets (or so my husband says!). 

Personally i prefer the non-bearded silkies & i tend to focus on those.  

Check out my photo gallery for more images.

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